Laser Dentistry Minimizes Discomfort and Recovery Time

Periodontal Therapy

At Trovato Family Laser Dentistry, we proudly utilize the latest and most advanced technology to make your treatment more effective and comfortable. One of the areas in which laser techniques have proven most effective is in the treatment of gum disease. Dr. Trovato is an expert in this field and has presented lectures on the subject to other practitioners. Our advanced lasers are extremely precise, meaning Dr. Trovato can target only unhealthy tissue without damaging the surrounding area.

Tooth Extractions

Although Dr. Trovato will always try to save your teeth, in some cases tooth extraction becomes necessary. Surgical lasers seal off blood vessels during treatment, resulting in minimal discomfort and post-surgical swelling. Additionally, we are fully equipped with both soft tissue and hard tissue lasers, meaning Dr. Trovato can perform highly precise extractions of impacted wisdom teeth. If needed, he can perform bone grafting at the same time as your extraction to protect the structure of your jawbone.  

Root Canals

Advanced laser technology has revolutionized root canal therapy. In the past, the procedure could only be performed with drills and handheld instruments. Today, Dr. Trovato can use a high-power laser to restore your oral health with no drilling, vibration, or unpleasant noises. Treatment is much faster, and can usually be completed in just 15 minutes. The advanced laser is also extremely precise, so Dr. Trovato can remove only the compromised portion of your tooth without impacting the surrounding structure.

Gum Contouring

Gum contouring, a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure and excellent solution for “gummy smiles,” is often performed in conjunction with veneers or dental bonding. During this treatment, Dr. Trovato will use a soft tissue laser to eliminate excess gum tissue or reshape an uneven gum line. Because the laser cauterizes blood vessels, you will experience minimal swelling, bleeding, and sensitivity following your procedure. After laser gum contouring, you can expect to enjoy a bigger, brighter smile and more youthful appearance.  


You probably know that fillings are the most commonly used treatment for cavities. You may not know, however, that by using a dental laser, Dr. Trovato can minimize discomfort and increase the durability of your restoration. When Dr. Trovato uses a laser to place your filling, the bond with the natural tooth structure is up to 50% stronger. At Trovato Family Laser Dentistry, we prefer tooth-colored fillings, which blend seamlessly with your smile and also bond with your teeth more strongly than traditional metal fillings.  

Laser Dentistry FAQs

What does laser treatment feel like?

Laser dental procedures are gentle and precise. Of course, each treatment is different but most patients do not need any anesthesia when they undergo laser treatment. The most common feeling is a mild tingling sensation. In addition to reading our FAQs, our compassionate doctor and staff will always take the time to answer any questions you have.

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