Successful Treatment with Orthodontics

Smiling girl with red hair and bracesDr. Trovato is a general dentist with over twenty years of experience in orthodontics (braces). In fact, Kearny-based Dr. Travato has lectured to NJ Orthodontists on the subject of functional orthodontics.

Using a functional orthodontic approach, Dr. Trovato is able to treat patients as young as 6 years old if necessary. There are many misconceptions about orthodontics. It is not necessary to take two years to treat a case. Most cases can be treated in 12 to 14 months and be completely stable. It is not necessary to extract permanent teeth in 99% of cases. Adult orthodontics is just as rapid and stable as in children and adolescents.

Close up of woman's straight, white teeth  Close up of woman's straight, white teeth Close up of woman's straight, white teeth

Sound Orthodontic Principles …

The key to successful treatment is in the diagnosing and planning. Dr. Trovato utilizes sound orthodontic principles along with the most up-to-date technology in order to have precise measurements of the starting and end points. By carefully mapping out an orthodontic case from the very start, it is possible to plan out all the movements prior to the start of treatment. With the technology available today, all the necessary forces and movements can be initiated right at the beginning of treatment, allowing the case to be completed in a minimal amount of time.

Less time means:

  • More cooperation in treatment
  • Less anxiety with treatment
  • Less chance for hygiene problems
  • Less chance to develop decalcifications (white spots) on the teeth
  • Fewer trips to the dentist

Contrary to what you might think, finishing orthodontic cases in less time actually utilizes lighter forces, and is safer for the teeth and bones. It is also more comfortable for the patient due to the use of light forces.

Our orthodontic techniques allow us to develop the upper and lower jaws at the same time as we straighten the teeth, which also greatly reduces treatment time. The arches become nicely developed to give a beautiful broad smile.

Seeking Orthodontic Treatment?

If you’re seeking orthodontic treatment, would like more information about our orthodontic services, or would like to find out how we can treat your specific needs, contact the office to set up an appointment – 201-991-0177. We’re conveniently located in Kearny, NJ.

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